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"When booking your pool opening with Magnolia you can be assured of quality workmanship, timely scheduling and a clean chemically balanced pool.“


Clean, chemically treat, fold and store pool 

cover and accessories

Clean pool coping and interior waterline

(tile, vinyl or fiberglass)

Clean and install ladders, rails and diving board

Clean portion of deck immediately surrounding pool

Add 20 litres of liquid shock to the pool

Start pool filling and notify customer

Start pool filtration system , auto cleaner and any

chemical automation equipment

Vacuum, brush and skim pool

Perform a complete chemical analysis and

balance the pool water

*Attached Whirlpool Opening 

*Additional Costs May Apply


Vacuum pool using portable cleaner and

brush pool interior surface

Drain pool water to proper winterization level

Blow all water out of plumbing lines and

add antifreeze to lines 

Vacuum pool interior and install pool cover


Add appropriate chemicals to balance water

for the winter season


Shut off all electrical components and gas supply

to the pool heater


A detailed pool winterization report will be provided

*Attached Whirlpool Closing

*Additional Costs May Apply


To clean and inspect the heater burner tray

To clean all gas orifices

To test all safety switches

To inspect gas valves

To start the pool heater and check flame

To leave the pool heater off and ready to go

(work performed by a qualified

and licensed gas technician)

*NOTE: All required work will be quoted to customer

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